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How to set template for invoice of your company?

It is very simple. Go to My Company Info option in the drop down list of the Home Page menu. After you land on the page, enter your company info into required fields. There are two fields to fill in the name of the company – Display Name and Company Name. Display Name will appear on Job Manager Home Page and the Company Name will appear automatically on your estimates and invoices along with the address.

After you completed data on this page, choose Signature & Logo tab to sign your name in the required field and retrieve logo of your company from your mobile app. Then go to Invoice Settings to choose templates and add signature and logo. You can also start the sequence of numbers of invoices on this page. Now open the Invoice Preview tab to check how it seems. How do you like it? You can edit template by clicking on the option in the three dot menu.

For detailed instructions follow the link for video tutorial How to Videos

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