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What is Business report?

Business Report displays all the data related to business activities in certain period. It is easily accessed from the drop down list of the Home Page menu. Once you land on the report page, you will see that information are sorted by the dates and colors in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly frameworks. If you just press the day or number and hold for a while, the table with detailed specification will appear. Each specified item can be edited or deleted from the three dot menu option.

For example, if you see two numbers in red and blue color on a specific day in monthly report, say August 4, and want to remind yourself what was that about, you can long press the numbers and you will be redirected to daily report for that day and check for detailed tables for each different category.

To put it briefly, Business Report extracts data from each of reports for individual categories and provides overview with specification. Payments and Debts are automatically calculated so you will always know how much money you're making on each job.

For the video tutorial on How to use Job Manager reports, follow the link How to Videos or to How to Videos for tips on report shortcuts.

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