Eis o que alguns dos nossos clientes têm a dizer


Super app Best app on market!!! Very reasonably priced. Great customer care. Instant answer to your questions. Keeping track on all expenses, clients, subcontractors and employee's is simple. Never forget how much you are owed from past clients. Never forget how much you owe employees and subcontractors. It's a no brainer for any business. It pays for itself over and over again over the course of the year. No more need to spend hours adding up wages and bills. Get ahead of the competition!
Joey F. General Contractor, Ireland
Best tracking app yet I needed 3 types of software before I started using this app. Nothing compares. I love it and couldn't imagine running without it now. Tracks the project to the penny. So long as you input everything, it sorts it out by day, week, month, year on a project basis, employee basis, overview, whatever you want. It's amazing. LOVE IT.
Josette and Patrick C. Masonry General Contractor, Chicago, IL
Fantastic!! The Job Manager app has surpassed my expectations. My business is running more productively and efficiently. It's a life and money saver. My search is over. Everything to be successful is at my fingertips no matter where I am or where my employees are, I can keep track of everything. Job Manager's Client Care is excellent, never does a question go unanswered. Every business owner will benefit from using this app!
Nada P. Building and Renovation, Smithville, Ontario
Best construction app. Changed my life. I have so much free time because of JM. I am tracking my workers and I can see are they working or not. Thank you guys good job.
Maribel, M. Los Angeles, CA
I think the app is great. I had a couple questions at first and customer support answered them in an extremely timely manner. This app helps me keep everything with my business organized and at my fingertips.
Shaun V. Electrical Contractor, Sarasota, FL
Great app, tech support very responsive, would definitely recommend.
Alicia F. Home Designer and Builder, Philadelphia, PA
Brilliant The app makes the recording of job expenses a breeze. And the support is top notch. No more waiting to get to the office to fill out supplier invoices etc. in over complicated software.
Greg G. Contractor, South Africa
This app is the best thing ever. I don't have to keep up w/ my annual amount paid now on paper, this does it all. Absolutely the bomb! Best app on the market.
Jay F. Handyman, Spring, TX

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