Handy tools for any worker in the field, handyman, contractor or project manager. Includes calculator app, unit converter, image dimensioning tool, leveler, tape measure, plumb bob, compass, torch, picture align and magnifier, as well as stopwatch and timer and geometry calculator.

Also includes a huge list of object dimensioning for easier projecting, catalogue of moldings and complete Americans with Disabilities Act.

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Handyman tools app

Calculator app

This is a powerful handyman, contractor, construction calculator app. Calculate any type of formulas with parentheses, square roots and squares. Convert results to most common unit conversions or convert results in decimal foot to feet & inch measure. Direct input in imperial metric units to calculate. Calculator can be direct called from any number intended text input field and place results back to that field. Save and load previously saved formulas.

Unit converter

Convert most common measures for length, area, volume, mass, speed, pressure, temperature or energy.

Geometry 2D & 3D calculations

Easily calculate areas, volumes and shape lengths from any 2D (such as circle, ellipse, square, rhomb..) and 3D element (such as sphere, cone, cylinder, pyramid, ...)

Image dimensioning

One of the best tools in tools package. Create dimensions over images and assign them to clients, or just share newly created images via any application you have in mobile device – Viber, Skype, Facebook, email, etc. Draw lines, angles and comment boxes – choose a different color, line width, text size, line caps and arrows. Save the project for later use and change.

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