Job management reporting

Organize Jobs

Track your work details, employees, expenses and earnings by day, week, month or year. Track your work by tasks & categories as well.

Business reporting

Review your job reports in daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and summary views. Measure the individual client or job profitability after the job is complete. Email or share reports with clients or employees directly from the app. Send weekly or monthly payroll reports in an Excel format to you and your accountant for easier payment processing.

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Job reporting app


Quickly find a client, employee or subcontractor contact and make a call, send a text message or email with a single click.

Appointment Manager

Easy to use appointment and reminder tool. With just a few clicks, create an appointment or set a reminder. Be alerted 2 days before appointment/reminder, 6 hours before and 30 minutes before. Keep your Job Manager business appointments without other appointments and reminders in your device.

Online & Offline modes

Choose between online and offline application mode.

Use as many devices as you wish in an online mode. Data is synchronized over all devices simultaneously. You can create managers who can use application with restricted permissions you set.

In offline mode, you can work normally even without internet connection. Fast and reliable saving data.

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