Estimates and Invoices

Create professional invoices or estimates. Job manager makes it easy to invoice your customers and get paid. Choose whether you want to send an Estimate, Proposal or a Quote. Create a new job/client directly from an Estimate – no need to manually enter data for a new job.

Whether you need to create a construction invoice or do a building estimate, Job Manager is your all-in-one assistant and one of the best apps for contractors on the market.

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Documents and Memorandums

Attach any kind of document or image to a job/client. View attached PDF documents with implemented PDF viewer. Write letters to clients on your own designed memorandum and attach any assigned document to an email. You can also attach any document when sending an invoice or receipt. There is no limit to the number of files that can be assigned to a job/client.

Email system

Receive emails from your clients, subcontractors or even potential customers from Estimates sent directly to your application. View any attachment file. Reply to emails with the Memorandum option. Have complete correspondence between you and your client in one place.

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